About Chasing Earhart

Chris Williamson has always been fascinated with the story of Amelia Earhart and the mystery surrounding her disappearance. He wrote his very first report in 3rd grade on Amelia and ever since then, he has been searching for the absolute truth behind her disappearance. This project was started with the hopes of bringing even more attention to the worldwide fascination with Amelia. Chris hopes that this website will serve as an ongoing case study that will inspire more and more people to research and form their own fascinations and opinions with one of the most iconic figures of our time. Chris can be contacted by clicking here or by email at chris@chasingearhart.com




1. Project Background and Description

Everyone knows the story of Amelia Earhart. They know about the accolades, fame, and the records. However, she is probably best known for the last flight of her life, which resulted in the subsequent disappearance of herself and her navigator Fred Noonan. Amelia’s disappearance in 1937 has spawned one of the world’s biggest and most fascinating mysteries. There is no shortage of experts, theorists and researchers that are eager to stake their claim on solving this 81-year-old puzzle.


“Legend tells us one thing; history another. But every now and then we find something or someone that belongs to both.”


2. Project Scope

Our project, from the outset, is foundationally different from any project associated with Amelia that has come before it. We have no bias and no stake in anything other than finding out the truth regarding her disappearance. In order to do that, we will feature; for the first time, every hypothesis and every theory ever put forth regarding Amelia’s ill-fated final flight. Each hypothesis presented will be backed by data i.e. scientific, forensic, witness testimony or expert opinion and analysis in order to present itself as a viable and logical explanation as to the events that occurred. Additionally, each hypothesis will be questioned by our research team on its validity and it’s foundation in order to raise new questions that will take the research in a direction that it’s never been before. Our documentary will serve as a case study on the disappearance that will be presented in such a way that will allow people to make their own determinations and form their own opinions.


3. The Project

Our case study will showcase the following:


  • Clips from our comprehensive multi-part documentary will be showcased on YouTube and subsequently pitched to multiple networks for wide distribution.


  • Our weekly podcast release will feature experts, theorists, researchers and discussion regarding the different facets of the disappearance as well as vital and fascinating information about Amelia’s life and world contributions.


  • Our website will serve as the case study; gathering all information pertinent to the disappearance and the many hypotheses’ surrounding it via the podcast. Additionally, our website will feature and host updates regarding the documentary and the project itself.