Alternate Flight Plan The Lost Diary of Amelia Earhart: A Conversation with Dr. Lois Frankel

“No wonder all she wanted to do was fly because it was in the sky that she really had the most freedom.”

Image Courtesy of Dr. Lois Frankel

Dr. Lois Frankel is a guest that when you look at her bio or research her career, you would never in a million years think she’d pop up as a project guest for Chasing Earhart. But oh, how little do you know…. Dr. Frankel is the president of corporate coaching international and she literally wrote the book on coaching people to succeed in businesses both large and small around the globe. Some of her best-selling books include “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office” “Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich” and “Nice Girls Just Don’t Get it”. But as you can probably imagine, those aren’t the books she's here to talk about tonight. She's here to talk about another book she Dr. Frankel recently released, and that book is called “Alternate Flight Plan: The Lost Diary of Amelia Earhart”. 

Yes, Dr. Frankel is an Earhart author and tonight she joins us on episode 74 of the Chasing Earhart podcast to discuss her book, Amelia's impact and legacy and why so many people around the world still believe in Amelia Earhart. 


Alternate Flight Plan @ Amazon

Dr. Lois Frankel's Website

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