Amelia Earhart festival begins next Friday, expert says it will be the biggest one yet

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Chris Williamson joins The Matt Bubala Show to discuss the annual Amelia Earhart festival in Atchinson, Kansas coming up.

Williamson talks about the latest Earhart myth busters and what to expect from the festival next week. Reports from National Geographic state that The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) went to the island of Nikumaroro, where the group believes Earhart many have landed. Williamson says that the dogs did alert to some areas where human remains were found. and they are currently in a lab. “TIGHAR has build a case of circumstantial evidence over the course of 30 years. Building a case is like building a house,” Williamson says.Bones in the 1940’s were found on the island and shipped to Fiji where two doctors examined the bones. Originally, the bones were dismissed by David Hoodless as belonging to Amelia Earhart. 

Earlier this year, Richard Jantz, a forensic anthropologist in Knoxville re-analyzed the measurements and is 99 percent certain they are a woman’s bones. Williamson recently had Jantz as a guest on his podcast.During the anniversary of Amelia Earhart, a Japanese blogger claimed that library records had a photo of Amelia Earhart surviving the crash in 1937 that was published two years before her disappearance. Williamson says since then, the blogger has gone dark. 

The photo was originally found by Les Kinney, former U.S. Treasury agent. Kinney says it was located in a box of papers from the Office of Naval Intelligence.Williamson says he will take part in a panel discussion at the festival next weekend. The event will also be streaming live on social media.

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