Amelia Earhart More Than a Flyer: A Conversation with Patricia Lakin

“I truly believe that this was a woman who was an adventurer and who wanted to break barriers in many, many ways.” 

Image Courtesy of Patricia Lakin

Tonight, you’ll hear from an author that takes a different approach to her writing and her thoughts on Amelia Earhart’s relevance. Project guest Patricia Lakin has written multiple children’s books including the well received and long-lasting “Amelia Earhart: More Than a Flyer”. Tonight, we continue our children’s series on the landmark 70th episode of the Chasing Earhart podcast, as Patty joins us via Zoom from her home in New York to discuss Amelia Earhart’s childhood and how it shaped her destiny to become “more than a flyer”. 


- "Amelia Earhart: More Than a Flyer" @ Amazon

- Patricia Lakin's Website

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