Amelia Earhart: Ring of Fire: A Conversation with David Avallone

"You’re not gonna be happy when you know what really happened to her. It’s not going to feel better; knowing she crashed in the ocean or got captured and tortured by the Japanese. I know it feels bad now that it’s a mystery but half the solutions this mystery has are terrible. Be prepared for a sad, sad ending to this story."

Image Courtesy of David Avallone

David Avallone is never shy about expressing his feelings. Considered by all that know him as a passionate thinker, David has a unique way of expression that cause his readers to think about their own feelings in a brand-new way. Tonight, on the 58th episode of the Chasing Earhart podcast, David joins us via Zoom to break down and discuss his story “Doc Savage: Ring of Fire” why he chose Amelia Earhart to star opposite Doc in that adventure and why Amelia’s actions in the 1930’s continues to make a stand for women in the 21st century.


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