Amelia Earhart's Last Flight to Hawaii: A Conversation with Nicole Swinford

Nicole Swinford is an author, writer, historian, videographer, and broadcaster – she is a Historyteller.

Nicole's first book Amelia Earhart's Last Photo Shoot was published by The Paragon Agency in May 2015. Based on a never-before-seen film of Amelia's last photo shoot as she prepares to leave on her fatal World Flight, the book and film were featured on outlets such as Fox News Business and National Geographic, amongst others. This was followed up with Amelia Earhart's Last Flight to Hawaii in May 2016.

Nicole's work also appears in The Digby Stuart War Memorial in which she writes the section "Women on the Digby Stuart Memorial." The book will be released in 2018 in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War.

On episode thirty-one of the Chasing Earhart podcast, Nicole sits down with us via Zoom from London to discuss Amelia Earhart, her last photo shoot, the world flight and the reasons that Amelia Earhart may have been tied closer to the United States government than anyone ever thought possible.

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