Amelia Earhart Unrescued: A Conversation with Dr. Tom King

"A lot of it was just imagining myself in Earhart’s shoes on Nikumaroro and thinking about what she’d do."

Image Courtesy of John Rippinger

Our first three-peat on the podcast, Dr. Tom King formally of TIGHAR returns for a different kind of discussion on his third sit down with us. Dr. King's latest novel, "Amelia Earhart Unrescued" is a prequel to his earlier novel "13 Bones" and takes a unique approach in telling the story of the final days of Amelia Earhart's life as she battled the elements, and herself on Nikumaroro Island. Combining his thirty years of research on the "castaway hypothesis" with some creative liberty and elements of fiction, Dr. King provides an interesting look at what Amelia Earhart must have endured if she ended up on Nikumaroro on the morning of July the 2nd 1937.

Tonight, as season two of the Chasing Earhart podcast continues, Dr. King joins us via Zoom to discuss his new novel, his thoughts on what might have happened to Amelia Earhart had she successfully returned from her world flight and recent events regarding his career and professional future in Archaeology. 


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