Astonishing Legends, Bill Snavely & Chasing Earhart

This episode is special release for our team courtesy of Astonishing Legends. This is not a Chasing Earhart episode however we are being given permission to release this to our subscribers. A very special thank you to Astonishing Legends for allowing us to release this on our feed!

Of all the hypotheses of what happened to Amelia Earhart and her Electra 10-E, William "Bill" Snavely, Jr.'s may be the only one that starts with a found plane and traces her route backward towards her last known contact point.  Operating on a hunch that due to low fuel, Earhart may have decided to turn back to a viable landing strip, which would have taken her directly over the path of Buka Island, east of Papua New Guinea.  While in Buka searching for clues, Snavely received a tip that an airplane had crashed in 1937 and still lays submerged off the coast in 100' of water.  According to Snavely, only roughly 30% of Earhart's route has been searched and has yielded nothing, so why not search the remaining 70%?  Taking that approach has found a plane that so far, matches the description of Earhart's Electra.  

If an expedition could be mounted to identify this plane more thoroughly, could it be that one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th Century will be solved once and for all?

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