Breaking History Vanished: A Conversation with Sarah Pruitt

I think for women she was a symbol of freedom and independence and her fame made her larger than life. Her story and her disappearance live on as the ultimate historical mystery. That idea keeps her alive in people’s minds in a way that a lot of figures from history aren’t.”

Image Courtesy of Sarah Pruitt

Of all the missing person cases in history, perhaps no other has captured the world like that of Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan. Continuing to captivate the planet now for over eight decades, their disappearance over the Pacific Ocean on the morning of July the 2nd 1937 made worldwide headlines then as well as now. Headline after headline was featured newspapers and radio all over the world as the general public waited on the edge of their seats for any news regarding the iconic pair’s vanishing. In 2018, the headlines continue to haunt us with new and often polarizing information making its way forward to fuel the fire with of the world’s obsession with finding a resolution to this iconic mystery. 

Tonight, season two of the Chasing Earhart podcast continues with episode 63 and project guest Sarah Pruitt joining us via Zoom to discuss her book Breaking History Vanished. Sarah gives us her thoughts on the creation of this special book, why the Amelia Earhart case was a natural fit to feature and why she believes that any information regarding the Amelia Earhart case continues to be “Breaking History”. 


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