Chris Williamson Guests on Podcasts We Listen To!

Few in the podcasting community don't know the name Jeremy Collins or "Podcasts We Listen To." Jeremy has made a name for himself on social media; creating a group that carries over 17,000 members. A space for pod-casters and fans of podcasting alike, Jeremy's group is the place when you want to learn about the art of podcasting and everything that goes into it. Additionally, Jeremy's podcast under the same name, gives fellow podcast hosts a platform to talk about their shows and the passion that drives them. 

Project creator Chris Williamson recently sat down with Jeremy Collins to discuss the Chasing Earhart project, Amelia Earhart's life and legacy and his personal thoughts on podcasting as a medium. Listen as Jeremy turns the tables on Chris and asks him what he believes is Amelia Earhart's legacy going on 81 years since her and Fred Noonan's disappearance. 

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