Chris Williamson on the Pints & Puzzles Podcast

We recently collaborated with TJ over at the Pints & Puzzles Podcast on a very in-depth and interesting interview. TJ is known across the podcasting community as someone who pushes and promotes other podcast shows and projects. Project creator Chris Williamson spoke at length with TJ and answered some questions that haven't previously been asked of him. We want to extend a very big thank you to TJ and the Pints & Puzzles team for having Chris on the show! Listen to the full release below! 

In this episode, we are joined by Chris Williamson, the Project Creator of the podcast and future documentary Chasing Earhart!

Chris and I talk about the Chasing Earhart project, some of the mystery and lure around Amelia and her story, as well as her lasting impact, even to this day!

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