Do You Even Podcast? An Interview with Chris Williamson

A while back, Lainey from "Do You Even Podcast" shared her "BYOP" which happened to be us! Once we heard the passion in her voice regarding how important Amelia Earhart was to her personally, and how much she loved the Chasing Earhart podcast, we had to reach out to "Do You Even Podcast" and let them know that we'd love to collaborate with them! Here is the result of that collaboration! Lainey, Lucie and Alex held a fascinating and intimate interview with project creator Chris Williamson covering his reasons for choosing podcasting as the outlet for Chasing Earhart. In addition to that, Chris discusses the ups and downs of the project so far, his passion for Amelia and why he believes that Amelia still matters almost 81 years after she disappeared. We want to give a very special shoutout to the ladies at "Do You Even Podcast" for hosting Chris and featuring Chasing Earhart! The full release is below; enjoy! 

This week, Lainey, Lucie, and Alex hosted their FIRST guest—Chris Williamson from the Chasing Earhart podcast! He shares his story and love for Earhart, as well as some of his favorite podcasts and the importance of the medium in his life. Make sure to follow Chasing Earhart on Twitter @chasingearhart or on their site, And as usual, you can find us on Twitter @doyouevenpod, FB, or at

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