From the Skies to the Stars: A Conversation with Alyssa Carson

“She was one of those first women to push through those male dominate field barriers; she inspired women to go into these male-dominated fields, go into aviation. She was a big start in this whole idea; getting into schools and telling her story. She continues to have that impact on girls. This is something that you can do if you really want it”. 

Image Courtesy of Desigual

Back in the 1930’s when women were breaking through the clouds and into aviation history, the world marveled at their ability to do the things that men could do with poise, professionalism, and grace. It’s only natural that aviation would become the gateway to aerospace for a group of remarkable people that would be forever known as the Mars Generation. 

Alyssa Carson carries within her the fire, spirit, and determination that made Amelia Earhart an icon over 80 years ago. Breaking through barriers and pre-conceived notions, Alyssa has set her soul on a place that she calls…home. 

​Tonight, on the 62nd episode of the Chasing Earhart podcast, Alyssa joins us via Zoom from Baton Rouge Louisiana to discuss the Mars Generation, her journey and preparation for being the first person to travel to the red planet and why she believes that a woman from Atchison, Kansas paved the way for women to set their sights on goals that are not of this world. 


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