Generation Why & Chasing Earhart

A short while ago we reached out to Aaron; one of the co hosts over at the hugely popular Generation Why podcast and we inquired about doing something together for Chasing Earhart. The Chasing Earhart team was greatly impressed with their take on the Amelia Earhart case and we were excited about the opportunity to feature Aaron and Justin in the project. They were kind enough to invite our project creator Chris Williamson to sit in on a Patreon exclusive episode that served as a follow up to their original episode back in 2015.

Aaron and Chris had a wonderfully insightful and interesting conversation about Amelia Earhart, her impact and legacy, the Chasing Earhart project and Amelia's reach beyond aviation. This is that conversation. Thanks to Aaron, Justin and Generation Why our listeners are getting a very special bonus episode that they are kind enough to allow us to release on our feed. Enjoy this very special conversation!

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