Is Orona Island Hiding a Secret? A Conversation with Tom Maxwell

Many hypothetical explanations of the disappearance and demise of Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan and the Lockheed Electra aircraft with which she hoped to circumnavigate the globe have been proposed. This is another, very similar to some others, but different in that it answers one important question; how did the radio broadcasts from the Phoenix Islands originate without more evidence of the Electra crash on the islands of the region? How could the fliers and aircraft completely disappear?

On episode twenty-nine of the podcast, we sit down with radar expert and project guest Tom Maxwell to discuss Amelia and Fred’s world flight, what he believes happened on the morning of July 2nd and whether or not Orona island has been hiding the holy grail of aviation for the past 80 years.

As Tom Discusses the Orona hypothesis there are several photos that he uses. Below, you'll find those photos and will be able to follow along with the show. 

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