KHAQQ Calling Itasca! A Conversation with Leo Bellarts (Part One)

"KHAQQ Calling Itasca! We must be on you but cannot see you!" On episode eighteen of the Chasing Earhart podcast we continue our "ICON" series with part one of our interview with chief radio man of the Itasca Leo Bellarts. The last person to speak with Amelia Earhart before she disappeared, Mr. Bellarts gives us an intimate and in depth interview discussing little known stories about that fateful day and helps us clear up some of the facts of those final few hours of Amelia and Fred's final flight.

Splitting an episode into multiple parts for the first time, the Chasing Earhart team takes this original interview from early 1973 conducted between aviation pioneer and legendary Earhart researcher Elgen Long and Leo Bellarts and brings it into the modern age. This is one episode you do not want to miss!

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