Lost Evidence Search Launches "Go Fund Me"

Project guest Dick Spink recently launched his first "Go Fund Me" for the continuation of the search for "The Lost Evidence". Following up on the wildly popular Amelia Earhart documentary that aired on the History Channel last year, the new venture aims to continue the search and gather more evidence in the support of the Japanese Capture hypothesis. If you're interested in donating to Dick's effort or you want to know more, head over to the "Go Fund Me" and check it out!

"Lost Evidence" logo courtesy of Dick Spink.

"Everyone knows who Amelia Earhart was, how she lived and the great things she did.  The biggest question to most people is how she died.  We know the truth, we have many points of evidence from the Marshall Islands to Saipan.  Two hundred eye witness's had first hand knowledge of Amelia Earhart being in Japanese custody including Admiral Chester Nimitz, General Alexander Vandegrift and General Erskine Graves. With your help we can continue this research for more evidence that we know exists, from Washington to the Marshall Islands, to Saipan and Tokyo."

Image Courtesy of Scott Terrell @ Skagit Valley Herald

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