Mike Campbell Position Statement on Earhart Disappearance

The very idea that the disappearance of Amelia Earhart is a “great aviation mystery” is among the most despicable of all the prevailing myths of mainstream American history. So effective has the U.S. government and its media allies been in creating, maintaining and protecting this straw man as the unquestioned narrative, that it has become a piece of our cultural furniture.

Because of its universal acceptance by the gullible, incurious masses, the false phraseology “Earhart mystery” defines and dominates all public dialogue about the Earhart case, while the fact of Amelia’s wretched and unnecessary demise at the hands of the prewar Japanese on Saipan is ignored or labeled “conspiracy theory,” advanced only by and for the fringe conspiracy lunatics of society. Among our media – even our so-called conservative media – no story is as hated and demonized as the truth about Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan’s deaths at the hands of the Japanese on Saipan.

But in the deepest bowels of the U.S. government security apparatus, some are well aware of the fliers’ true fate, and they oversee and protect the physical evidence that would reveal the truth, known only to these scant few custodians of this precious evidence. I explain all this in my book and in my blog, and won’t go on at length here.

Discerning individuals who examine the popular Earhart “theories” soon find not a scintilla of evidence for either crashed-and-sank or Nikumaroro that doesn’t break down under the slightest scrutiny. Not a single artifact in a dozen trips since 1989 that’s been scrounged up from the Nikumaroro garbage dumps has been forensically linked to Amelia Earhart or Fred Noonan, despite the constant drumbeat of our corrupt media establishment telling us to buy this snake oil. Many of the ignorant and gullible have indeed bought it, much to their chagrin as they realize the Nikumaroro bill of goods is rotten at its core.

In fact, no real “theories” exist in the Earhart disappearance, as the word is properly defined. We have the truth — supported by several dozens of eyewitnesses, witnesses, documents, letters and other evidence -- that Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan crash-landed in the Marshalls, were picked up and taken to Saipan by the Japanese, and died there at some unknown date before the American invasion in June 1944, likely as many as six years before the Battle of Saipan. Several small details remain unknown, most importantly the how and why behind the Electra's Mili Atoll landing -- but the big picture is lying in plain sight, as clear as the nose on Fred Noonan’s face, obvious to all but the blind and the agenda driven.

And we have enormous, transparent lies. First came the original crashed-and-sank myth born in 1937 with the Navy-Coast Guard’s search findings — briefly logical until quickly overcome by the facts — which finally became so ludicrous and unacceptable by the late 1980s that a new deception to distract the sheeple was necessary. Thus was born the current Nikumaroro virus, which continues to be the media’s default position, infecting virtually everything Earhart. Even most of the brain-dead are no longer fooled, but that doesn’t stop our media from continually trying to force this lie down our collective throats.

The truth is that both of these lies have been glorified and raised to the status of “theories” by a deep-state establishment desperate to protect the checkered legacy of our president at the time of Earhart’s death, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

What one observer has called FDR's "tactical political exercise" at Yalta cost untold tens of millions of Eastern European lives, as he sold them out to Stalin while the spy Alger Hiss urged him on -- a disgraceful episode in U.S. history. But millions are a mere statistic, as Stalin famously said, and FDR easily survived his treachery. His abandonment of Amelia on Saipan eight years earlier cost just two lives -- hers and Fred Noonan's -- but public knowledge of it would have relegated him to former-president status, and much worse: "pariah" come to mind. FDR may have been beloved by many, but Amelia was beloved by everyone with a pulse. FDR had plenty of enemies, and the clear thinking saw him for what he was, but Amelia was a fine soul without guile, and this is why FDR hated her and was happy to leave her to the tender mercies of the barbarians on Saipan.

It's all still about protecting the shaky reputation of the Father of the Modern Democrat Party -- forget the redneck Woodrow Wilson, who was a lightweight in comparison and a warm-up -- and Amelia Earhart is exhibit No. 1 in a legal proceeding that unfortunately will never get under way down here. No American president has been more overrated than FDR -- except the treasonous Obama, who will someday join FDR and LBJ in the lowest circle of hell reserved for U.S. presidents and others who betrayed their nation.

Thus, when this case is discussed by those considered to be knowledgeable professionals,

whose names are well known to readers of my blog and book and need not be mentioned now, normal rules of investigation, including analysis of evidence and the scientific approach, are thoroughly ignored, and truth is the first casualty.

As I constantly stress in Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last and on my blog, http://www.EarhartTruth.com, the truth in the Earhart case has been a sacred cow in Washington since the earliest days of the search. The time is long overdue for the truth to be recognized and accepted, and for the parasites who have made their livings by peddling lies about Amelia’s sad fate to go away and find more honest ways to earn their livings.


Mike Campbell Jacksonville, Fla.


Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last

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