(ATCHISON, Ks.) A new documentary in the works about famed Atchison aviator Amelia Earhart will feature a rare piece of film footage. Chris Williamson, host of the "Chasing Earhart" podcast and California native, recently presented the film to the Amelia Earhart Airport. The film shows Earhart meeting with a young boy at an airport in Burbank, California in 1937.

"This showcases her connection to children right before she took off for Hawaii on her world flight attempt so that's why it's kind of a special piece," Williamson said. Williamson has been studying Earhart since he was kid.

"We did a history day project and my teacher had put all these 8x10's around the room and there you had Amelia Earhart. I didn't know who she was at the time but I picked her for the project and I kind of kept coming back."

Now Williamson and his wife are working on a documentary with a new take on the Atchison native. "It's not about the disappearance for us. It's not about how she died, it's about how she lived," said Williamson.

"This film shows it. It shows she cared for the little ones and that she was doing this not only for herself, she was doing it to impact the children and mostly the women," said Vanessa Williamson.

The documentary will be released in Fall 2019.

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