Podcasting on a Plane with Guest Chris Williamson

Not too long ago, Podcasting on a Plane host Brandon Gonzales had our project director Chris Williamson on his show to discuss the Chasing Earhart project and all it encompasses. Now, thanks to the generosity of Brandon and his show, that interview is live for our listeners as well!

Logo Courtesy of Podcasting on a Plane

In a very revealing and thoughtful interview, Brandon gets Chris to open up about his personal reasons for loving podcasting, the impact and legacy of Amelia Earhart, the way Chasing Earhart is approaching her life and her disappearance and much much more. Enjoy this very compelling look into the thoughts of our project director and a very special thank you to Brandon and Podcasting on a Plane for having Chris sit in on your show!

(C) Chasing Earhart

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