Project Blue Angel Announced!

"Everybody else is out there with a theory looking for an airplane. Mr. Snavely alone is the one who has an airplane looking for a theory."

We are proud to announce that Bill Snavely's long-awaited and long demanded Amelia Earhart project has arrived! "Project Blue Angel" is the official investigation into the wreckage that rests off the shores of Buka; first heard about on the Chasing Earhart podcast a little over one year ago and more recently on The Astonishing Legends Podcast and this past July's "Chasing Earhart: The Discussion Panel." You may have heard when Mr. Snavely presented the hypothesis at the panel for the first time, that he received the green light to go to Buka and investigate the wreckage that he had been studying for a little over a decade. That initial expedition is complete and the results of that investigation may indeed help #rewritehistory.

We are proud to announce that Mr. Snavely has agreed to a GoFundMe which will be made up of a sizzle reel containing footage from that initial expedition, several very special guests and a few surprises that we cannot wait to show you.

For now, we are honored to showcase this fresh new approach to the Amelia Earhart disappearance case with the very first glimpse of footage from the initial expedition to Buka including your first look at the wreckage in glorious 4K resolution.

Head to for more information including links to Bill's book "Tracking Amelia Earhart" from publisher Douglas Westfall and "Special Books", his appearances on the Chasing Earhart podcast and The Astonishing Legends Podcast respectively and his participation in last summer's Chasing Earhart Panel.

On January the 13th 2019 the campaign launches and a further investigation begins...


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