Rep. Larry Inman Hosts Global Exhibit of "Remember Amelia" at MSU

Project guest State Representative Larry Inman announced the Grand Opening of the global exhibit "Remember Amelia" yesterday at Michigan State University. The event served as a preview of the private holdings of Amelia Earhart that the world has not seen until now. Rep. Inman has acquired these holdings over the last 25 years from around the world.

Image Courtesy of Larry Inman

The exhibit was held last night at the MSU Museum at 409 W. Circle Drive in East Lansing from 5PM - 7PM. Rep. Inman owns the largest private collection of original artifacts and historical items on Amelia Earhart in the world. The theme for last night's exhibit was "Christmas with Amelia".

Rep. Inman and MSU Museum Director Mark Auslander coordinated this project over the course of the last year. Inman and Auslander both share a deep passion for the life and legacy of Amelia Earhart, additionally both are close to Amelia Earhart's niece, project guest Amy Kleppner.

Image Courtesy of MSU

"Our goal is to create an amazing one of a kind tribute to the life and legacy of Amelia Earhart," Inman said last night at the event. "For many decades I've ben intrigued by the world's most mysterious flights."

Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan attempted an around the world flight in 1937 flying their Lockheed Electra 10E. The plane went missing on July the 2nd 1937 during their flight from Lae to Howland Island in the middle of the South Pacific ocean. This is the most fascinating disappearance of flight in our lifetime. Inman has spent a lifetime researching, finding and acquiring everything original on Amelia Earhart so the world will always remember her accomplishments, courage and her legacy for generations to come.

Above Press Release Courtesy of MSU

Image Courtesy of Larry Inman

Image Courtesy of Larry Inman

Image Courtesy of Larry Inman

Radio Interview with Project Guest Larry Inman, State Representative (R) Traverse City and Mark Auslander, Director of the Michigan State University Museum on Michigan's Big Show

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