Sister Amelia: A Conversation with Bill Zuk

After finding a previously-unknown 1932 film of Amelia Earhart at Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, project guest Bill Zuk began a long odyssey across Canada, which has took him to the places in Canada where Amelia had visited or lived. From serving in the First World War as a Nurse's Assistant in Toronto to using Newfoundland as the "jumping-off" point on her two transatlantic flights, over seven other instances of Amelia's visits to Canada have been identified, including a tuna fishing expedition in 1934 with her sister Muriel.

On July 2, 1937, imagine the world's most famous woman, setting out on a groundbreaking circumnavigation of the globe, and suddenly disappearing. Amelia Earhart and her navigator were lost over the South Pacific yet, today, over 80 years later, the search for Amelia Earhart continues, with historians and researchers trying to probe the mysteries of this fascinating icon. 

Tonight on the 44th episode of the Chasing Earhart podcast learn about her early life, the many connections to Canada and why Amelia's star has never faded, in a conversation with Bill Zuk, historian, author and filmmaker.

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