Solar Impulse: A Conversation with Paige Kassalen

"That’s where I first had that connection where I had read about Amelia Earhart; that moment was when I realized the opportunity she gave to a lot of women and the empowerment that she was able to give a lot of women to follow their dreams in STEM.”

Courtesy of Solar Impulse

A member of Forbes prestigious “30 under 30” Paige Kasselen has spent her career in uncharted waters. At 22 years old, Paige made worldwide headlines as the youngest American on the ground crew for the historic record breaking solar impulse flight; a feat that would thrust her into the spotlight and make her the poster woman for STEM; shining the spotlight on the field of electrical engineering. Paige has parlayed that notoriety into a formative speaking career, always being mindful of her responsibility to young women wherever she’s featured.

Photo Courtesy of Jean Revillard / Rezo

Tonight, on the 57th episode of the Chasing Earhart podcast, Paige joins us via Zoom do discuss her role on Solar Impulse, the responsibility that comes with being a rock star of STEM and why the memory and legacy of Amelia Earhart inspires her and all of those in the STEM community.  


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