The Bevington Object: A Conversation with Jeff Glickman

"In part, it’s the way that we identify with these individuals; the notion of getting lost at sea; the horror of that and how deeply in our core as individuals we fear something like that happening. That reaches into something that’s very personal for everybody."

Image Courtesy of Natalie Fobes (C)

Forensic image processing and analyzation is one of the most crucial areas of expertise in the entire Amelia Earhart/Fred Noonan disappearance case. Used by multiple hypotheses’ in the case, it’s become a combination of art and science that has been responsible for much of the advancement in the investigation. Tonight, season two of the Chasing Earhart podcast continues with a project guest that has been highly involved both in that field and in this case.

Tonight, we discuss both the science and the process of forensic image processing via Zoom with Jeff Glickman of PHOTEK. Jeff gives us his thoughts on his work on the castaway hypothesis, the anomaly in the now famous “Bevington Image” and how he arrived at his declaration on that image and why he believes that the Amelia Earhart case continues to capture and enthrall the entire world.

Image Courtesy of TIGHAR


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