The Project Travels to Santa Monica for Astonishing Legends

For all those that have been following along since the project inception, you'll know that originally Chasing Earhart was going to be a podcast only. We have since added the documentary to the project however there was a time when the project was going to be a stand alone podcast. Back in 2014 when our project creator, Chris Williamson was deep in pre-research, he came across a podcast that's hosted by Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess called Astonishing Legends. Early in their run, on episodes four and five, Scott and Forrest covered the Amelia Earhart disappearance case in a very in depth and non-biased format; laying out the varying hypothesis that have been in the spotlight for the last 80 years.

Chris took note and earlier this year he reached out to Scott and Forrest asking them if they would like to be project guests. They happily agreed and the crossover podcast of Astonishing Legends and Chasing Earhart was born. A few weeks ago, the project travelled to Santa Monica, California to go in - studio with the Astonishing Legends to record a follow up to their episode almost exactly three years to the day from the original air date. This time they brought Chasing Earhart along and it was an honor. Be on the look out for that episode to drop on November 19th. In the mean time, enjoy some behind the scenes shots of our recording session with Astonishing Legends! 

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