The Project Travels to the National WW1 Museum for Tracy Wildrix

Recently we traveled to Kansas City to shoot with project guest and master diver Tracy Wildrix. Shot on the backdrop of a tank from World War One, we spoke at length with Tracy regarding the legacy of Amelia Earhart, the Buka hypothesis and why he believes that the plane that Bill Snavely found in 100 feet of clear blue pacific may in fact be Amelia and Fred's Lockheed Electra.

Be on the look out for Tracy in the Chasing Earhart documentary and have a look at some behind the scenes shots from his shoot.

Project Guest Tracy Wildrix on set for Chasing Earhart. Photo Courtesy of Chasing Earhart.

Project Coordinator Vanessa Williamson with Project Guest Tracy Wildrix at the National WW1 Museum in Kansas City. Photo Courtesy of Chasing Earhart.

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