The Road to Amelia: A Conversation with Mike & Robert Ashmore

A little over a year ago we stepped away from the Amelia Earhart/Fred Noonan disappearance case forever; having nothing further to add to a project that spanned almost 15 years at the time. But it turns out, we couldn’t stay away for long. Just like you’ll hear time and time again in this case, we got pulled back in as new developments in multiple theories have come to the surface and are ready to be discussed. Tonight, we’re back in a limited engagement with a first for us at Chasing Earhart as our returning show brings us brothers Mike & Robert Ashmore to discuss an alternate version of one of the cornerstone hypothesis’ in this ever changing case.

We’ve been away for a while now, but now we’re back as promised with new developments and interesting turns.

Image Courtesy of Mike Ashmore

Image Courtesy of Robert Ashmore

Show Notes & Further Reading:

Taraia Object 2020

(courtesy of

Taraia Object 2021

(courtesy of

Possibly Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra

(courtesy of

1938 Taraia sandbank showing what appears to be a downed aircraft

(courtesy of

Our breakdown of 1938 picture (courtesy of

Possible remains of SOS by missing aviator.

Found by Robert Ashmore

Google Earth 2021.

(courtesy of

Could partial SOS image be

Amelia Earhart’s call sign “KHAQQ”?

(courtesy of

Another view of possible SOS message.

Apple Maps 2021

(courtesy of

Suspected message is worn, but still visible after all this time (courtesy of

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