Vanished: Amelia Earhart Episode Five "August 18th 1929"

“The men you know, have been somewhat worried about such a long flight for us. They seem to have visions of us smashing up all over the country side. So the thing for us to do is to prove that their fears have been foolish.” -AE

Image of Amelia Courtesy of Purdue Archives. Used with Permission.

A question to kick off tonight’s show. What are some dates that you remember in your life? Maybe a wedding anniversary, or the birth of your child or a date that something significant happened in your life; positive or negative. There are a few dates in the life of Amelia Earhart that would qualify as important. How about, January the 3rd, 1921 the day that Amelia started flying with Neta Snook? October the 22nd, 1922 Amelia broke the altitude record; rising to 14,000 ft. June the 17th & 18th 1928 Amelia became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger; the Friendship flight. We covered that. How about July the 2nd 1937? The day AE and Fred Noonan disappeared? We’ll get to that. But there’s another date that is synonymous with Amelia Earhart and quite a few others in fact. A date that not too many people know about. Tonight, we’re gonna learn all about this date. The women’s air derby. August the 18th 1929. Time to race.

Image Courtesy of Heather Taylor

Image Courtesy of Breaking Through the Clouds


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