Vanished: Amelia Earhart Episode Three "Destiny"

“I’m more or less mortgaging the future to go on. But what are futures for?”

Image of Amelia Courtesy of Purdue Archives. Used with Permission.

Welcome back to Atchison, Kansas and Vanished: Amelia Earhart. In the first two parts of this journey, we’ve gotten to know Amelia Earhart as a little girl; spending her youth here in Atchison, before venturing out into the world with her family and then on her own. The times were tough then and a young Amelia Earhart had been bitten by the aviation bug and was wading into the unknown skies to begin a career that would send shockwaves into the aviation world that are still felt to this very day. Tonight’s episode is all about that career. Before we get to the shocking end that has been clouded in mystery for over eight decades, we’re going to talk about Amelia’s rise to legendary status in American history. Amelia didn’t just tap the glass ceiling when she burst onto the scene. She shattered it. Records were set, goals were achieved, a unique career was crafted, and a destiny was realized.

Image Courtesy of Michele Albion

Image Courtesy of Barbara Schultz


  • "The Quotable Amelia Earhart" by Michele Albion here

  • "Endorsed by Earhart: How Amelia Financed her Flying" by Barbara Schultz here

  • "Vanished: Amelia Earhart" was recorded in its entirety by the Zoom H1N microphone. Get yours here

  • A special thank you to Angel & Nikki from the Color Me Dead Podcast for recording tonight's exit script

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