Vanished: Amelia Earhart Part Ten "18,000 Feet"

"Until we have that plane in my mind there are other possibilities; even if the witnesses on the stand today say 'highly improbable' that may be so but until we find her plane; until we find her resting place I think that there's always other possibilities." 

Image of Amelia Courtesy of Purdue Archives. Used with Permission.

July the 2nd 1937 is a day clouded in judgment. Many people believe that it was the last day in the remarkable lives of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. For those people, and everyone investigating this case, their investigations begin on that day. In part six of the show, we talked about specific dates and the importance of those dates in our lives. What if you knew when the last day of your life would be? Would you wanna know? Would you wanna know how your life would end, or would you want to go fearless into the horizon as Amelia and Fred did? In part 10 of our series, we’re going to lay the foundation of the greatest mystery of all time. Every crime has a crime scene. And every crime has evidence. Tonight, we’re gonna lay the evidence for this story out; and at the end of day three of the trial you’ll know exactly what that evidence is, and just how heavily that evidence is leaned on by the experts that are called to testify before you. Tonight, for the very first time, we’re gonna put the first of five remarkable theories in front of you; our jury. It’s time to unravel July 2nd, 1937 with witness testimony from crash and sink.

Image of Jennifer Taylor Courtesy of Smith & Vinson

Image of Brian Dunning Courtesy of Skeptoid Media

Image of Tom Dettweiler Courtesy of Nauticos

Image of Tom Vinson Courtesy of Collins Aerospace

Image of Dana Timmer Courtesy of Dana Timmer


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